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SPRING LINE DANCE Week-End (Santa Susanna, Catalonia) Saturday 15th, 2023 AFTERNOON


Santa Susanna, Catalonia
Saturday 15th, 2023 AFTERNOON 16:00 TO 20.00
Social Dancing & Workshops

Rafel Corbí (Corbí Linedancers DJ)


Van Morrison - Precious Time (Precious Time, Pam Pike)
Jill King - Can't Let Go (Train Wreck, Niels Poulsen 2021)
Mark Chesnutt - Woman (This & That, Gary Lafferty)
Marnik x Hartris & Ford feat. Shibui - Raindrop - Show Me The Rain (Esmeralda van de Pol, Chris Godden & Mark Furnell 2022)
Shannon Noll - We Only Live Once (We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie)
Wilson Fairchild - Take It or Break It (P3, Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy)
Olly Murs - Marry Me (Marry Me, Dee Musk 2023)
The Bellamy Brothers - Vertical Expression (Vertical Expression, Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence)
Mullally - Vibe (The Vibe, Tim Johnson 2020)
Aaron Goodwin - Every Time You Take Your Time (Crystal Cha, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward)
Ann Tayler - 1-2-3 (1-2-3-4 Niels Poulsen)
Christina Aguilera & Ozuna - Santo (Santo Salvame, Hayley Wheatley & Gregory Danvoie 2022)
Nancy Hays - Come Dance With Me (Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson)
Nathan Evans - Wellerman (The Captain, Joshua Talbot 2021)
The Mavericks - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (The Cucaracha, Hank & Mary Dahl)
Thalia - Mujer Latina (Samba Huh, Darren Bailey & Lana Williams 2009)
(TEACH) Pink - Trustfall (Trustfall, Alison Johnstone & Colin Ghys 2023)
Toby Keith - White Rose (White Rose, Gaye Teather)
Justin Wellington & Small Jam - Iko Iko (My Bestie) (My Bestie, Colin Ghysn & JM Belloque 2021)
Purple Disco Machine Feat. Eyelar - Dopamine (Dopamine, Gary O'Reilly 2022)
The Deans - Elvis Medley (Stitch It Up, Robbie McGowan-Hickie)
Rudedog & Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto 2017)
Sia feat. Amir - 1+1 (Banx & Ranx Remix) (JP Madge & Niels Poulsen Jan 2022 INT)
India Martinez & Andy Rivera - 5 Sentíos (5 Sentios, Francisca Pons 2023)
Vicco - Nochentera (Unknown)
Jonas Brothers - Remember This (Remember This, Maddison Glover 2022)
Solomon Burke - Cry to Me (Cry to Me, Paul McAdam)
Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing (R3HAB Remix) (Cyber Remix, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 2020)
Michael Mott & Matt Bloyd - The Impossible (Impossible Is Possible, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 2021)
Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie (Taught by Isabel Armenteras, choreographer/s unknown)
Travis Tritt - Southbound Train (Clikety Clack, Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi)
Eric Hutchinson - Bored to Death (Bored, Ria Vos)
The Shires - Sleepwalk (Sleepwalk With Me, Fred Whitehouse 2018)
William Michael Morgan - Missing (Missing, Heather Barton 2016)
The Conquerors - Lucky Lips (Lucky Lips, Gary Lafferty 2023)
Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman - Stumblin' In (Toes, Rachael McEnaney)
Matt Pokora - Belles, belles, belles (Belles Belles, Maddison Glover)
Jason Derulo - Acapulco (Choreographer/s unknown)
Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (Bad Habits, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 2021)
Masse - Contigo Quiero Vivir (Latin Fire, Ria Vos 2022)
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight (Spotlight, Dee Musk 2008)
Burton Cummings - Your Back Yard (Nimby EZ, Micaela Svensson 2017)
The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Dancing With Seoul, Various & Ward, Lee & Snooke 2022)
Ryland James - Better Off (Blinded By Beauty, Niels Poulsen 2022)
Stephanie Quayle - The Lost Years (The Lost Years, Rafel Corbi 2022)
Daughtry - Witness (Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey 2015)
Blue County - Sunday Driver (Sunday Driver, Javier Rodríguez)
Blair - Have Fun Go Mad (Have Fun Go Mad, Scott Blevins)
Toby Keith - A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action (Action, Darren Bailey 2009)

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