dimarts, 28 de novembre del 2017

Dissabte 28/10/2017 Campllong Line Rafel Corbí

Dissabte 28/10/2017
Campllong Line
Rafel Corbí

Caught In The Act, Ann Word
Dig Your Heels, Madison Glover
Where We've Been, Lana Harvey
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
Nancy Mullighan, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Southern Thing, Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey (NOU)
Say It Again, Kate Sala
Dancin' The Dust, Tina Argyle
Boots, Maddison Glover (NOU)
You Better Believe, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Wandering Hearts, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
I Came To Love You, Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk
My Church, Rafel & Ariadna Corbí
When I'm Gone, Heather Burton & Willie Brown



Divendres 27-10-2017 Campllong Improvers

Divendres 27-10-2017
Campllong Improvers
Isabel Ortiz

Cheek to Cheek
Champagne Promise
My New Life
San Lucas
Magic Moon
The Long Way Home
Until the Dawn
Lonely Drum

Repassat: Midlers Way

Ensenyat: Summer Fly

Divendres 27-10-2017 Campllong Country

Divendres 27-10-2017
Campllong Country
Rafel Corbí. 21.30 a 0.00

Lay Low, Darren Bailey
Three Teachers, Capitan-Villellas-Sweet
Boots & Paul, Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy
Missing, Heather Barton
Badda Boom Badda Bang, Karen Hunn
Bring Down The House, Cormier & Henley
Recreation Land, Teo Lattanzio
Blue Note, Jan Smith
TH-Guest Ranch, David Villellas & Montse Chafino
Step By Love, David Villellas
We Love Country, Rafel Corbí
Break In Mountain, Adriano Castagnoli
All Summer Long, Pim van Grootel & Daniel Trepat
Summer Saturday Night, Rafel Corbi
AB For Friends, Rafel Corbí
Breaking Horses, Mercè Orriols
Corn Don't Grow, Tina Argyle
Heaven In Earth, Adriano Castagnoli
One Shot, Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Things Up, Rafel Corbí
Chasing Down A Good Time, Dan Albro (NOU)
No Limit, Lourdes Martin & Neus Lloveras
Ending, Neus Lloveras
Gatnill Porch, Rafel Corbí
Lips So Close, Rafel Corbi
Shot of Glory, Teo Lattanzio
Simply Rock, Val Myers
Ourselves, Valerie Del Campo & Quim Aymerich
For Two, Rafel Corbi

Dimecres Palafrugell 25-10-2017

Classe Line
Debutants Palafrugell
25 Octubre 2017
Isabel Ortiz

Until the Dawn
Champagne Promise
Just Another Woman
The Cucaracha
Cowboy Charleston

Repassat: Cumbia semana

Mamma Maria

I'm alive