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SPRING LINE DANCE Week-End (Santa Susanna, Catalonia) Saturday 15th, 2023 MORNING


Santa Susanna, Catalonia
Saturday 15th, 2023 MORNING 10.00 to 13.00
Social Dancing & Workshops

Rafel Corbí (Corbí Linedancers DJ)


Trisha Yearwood Feat. Garth Brooks - What Gave Me Away (Sweet Attraction, Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk)
Miley Cyrus - Flowers (2 Choreos danced, don't know choreo's names)
Benson Boone - Ghost Town (Wasteland, Ria Vos 2022)
Robin Greenstein - Make You Swing (Make You Swing, R. Verdonk, Jef Camps & Annette Dam 2022)
(TEACH) The War and Treaty - Dumb Luck (Dumb Luck, Darren Bailey 2023) (Taught by Gemma Globardes)
Kane Brown - Thank God (Thanks God, Joan Morro & Julia Schmid 2023)
‎HoodCelebrityy - Run Di Road (Run Di Road, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 2022)
Ricky Cage - Show Me What You Got (Show Me, Joey Warren February 2023)
William Michael Morgan - Missing (Missing, Heather Barton 2016)
Matt Dusk - Never Gonna Fool Me (Never Fool Me, Shane McKeever, Roy Hadisubroto & Jo Thompson 2022)
Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo - Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu (I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace)
Josh Mirenda - Til The Neon's Gone (Til The Neon's Gone, Darren Bailey 2022)
Faustix & Joakim Wilkow - Knees Are Trembling (Knees Are Trembling, Ria Vos 2023)
Glen Rogers - Cheek to Cheek (Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler)
Lonis Feat feat. Daphne Willis - Celebrate Together (Celebrate Together Now, Amy Glass 2021)
The Bellamy Brothers - Vertical Expression (Vertical Expression, Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence)
(TEACH) Josh Kiser - I'm Never Drinking Again (Never Drinking Again, Lee Hamilton 2023)
Pink - Never Gonna Not Dance Again (Never Gonna Not Dance, Maddison Glover 2022)
CEOL Feat. Nathan Carter - Heave Away (Heave Away AB Rafel Corbi 2022)
Smokie - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Pitter Patter, Derek Robinson)
Saint Lanvain Feat. Rahmsed - If Jesus Loves Me (Groovy Love, Whitehouse, Trepat & Dalhgren)
Fletcher Kirkman & Nuz Ngatai - Drop It to the Floor (Cyber Drop, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 2021)
Rune Rudberg Band - When you smile (When You Smile, JM Belloque & Roy Verdonk Sep 2019)
VALNTN - Mercy (Portland Cha, Glass, Bettes, Madge, Belloque, Ward, Poulsen ADV)
Ronan Hardiman - Lord of the dance (Coastin', Ray & Tina Yeoman)
Cole Swindell - Drinkaby (Drinkaby, Rachael McEnaney 2023 IMP)
Kelly Clarkson - Move You (Move You, Simon Ward 2022)
Aaron Goodvin - Lonely Drum (Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell)
John Duff & Lillias White - Stilettos (Stilettos, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 2022)
Cody Johnson - 'Til You Can't ('Til You Can't, Gary O'Reilly 2021)
James Johnston - Country Boys (Country Touch, Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse 2022)
Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Stitches, Amy Glass)
Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) (Cold Heart, Maddison Glover 2021)
Michael Learns To Rock - Blue Night (Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray)
Celtic Thunder - Toora Loora Lay (I'm On My Way, Maggie Gallagher 2021)
Anne Wilson & Hillary Scott - Mamas (Mama & Me, Gary O'Reilly 2022)
Zucchero - Bacco Per Bacco (Zjozzy's Funk, Petra Van de Velde)
CNCO - Se Vuelve Loca (Cumbia Reggaeton, Ira Weisburd 2022)
Dean Brody - Bring Down the House (Bring Down The House, Cormier & Henley 2015 INT)

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