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SPRING LINE DANCE Week-End (Santa Susanna, Catalonia) Saturday 15th, 2023 NIGHT SOCIAL


Santa Susanna, Catalonia
Saturday 15th, 2023 NIGHT SOCIAL 22.00 TO 2:00
Social Dancing & Workshops

Rafel Corbí (Corbí Linedancers DJ)


Brady Seals - Country as a boy can be (Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson)
George Ezra - Green Green Grass (Green Green Grass, Karl-Harry Winson May 2022)
Tyler Ward - No Diggity (Diggity Swinging, Tim Johnson 2022) 
Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Dance Monkey, Alison Johnstone, 2019)
The Lennerockers - High class lady (My new life, John Overmars)
In-Grid - In-Tango (Dans Le Tango, Pat Stott 2017)
Jeanette Akua - Drunk (Shot of Tequila, Fred Whitehouse 2019)
The Score - Legend (Settle The Score, Shane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen 2022)
Pitbull - 3 To Tango (3 To Tango, Sarlemijn Verdonk Belloque 2019)
Rosa Linn - SNAP (1 2 Snap, Maggie Gallagher 2022)
The Mavericks - I Don't Care if You Love Me Anymore (Eatin' Right And Drinkin' Bad, Max Perry)
Wynonna - She Is His Only Need (His Only Need, Ria Voss)
VALNTN - Mercy (Portland Cha, Glass, Bettes, Madge, Belloque, Ward, Poulsen)
Adele - Easy On Me (Easy On Me, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 2021)
Lee Matthews - Irish Whiskey On The Shelf (Whiskey On The Shelf, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 2023
Mike Ryan - Slow Hand (Crystal Touch, Claire Bell & Maddison Glover 2020)
Daniel Santacruz - Bienmesabe (Bienmesabe, Isabel Payeras 2022)
Rodney Atkins - About The South (Dixie Fix, Niels Poulsen 2021)
Matt Simons - To The Water (Take Me To The Water, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 2016)
(TEACH) Chloe Dolandis - Let's Make This Moment (Let's Make This Moment, Chatti The Valley & Adela Ortega 2022). Workshop by Xavier Badiella
Teddy Swims - Devil in a Dress (Devil in a Dress, Niels Poulsen 2023)
Keith Urban With Pink - One Too Many (Unknown choreo played)
Ronan Hardiman - Dance above the rainbow (Pot Of Gold, Liam Hrycan)
Sebastián Yatra - Tacones Rojos (Unknown choreo played)
Madonna & Maluma  - Medellín 2022 Remaster (The Sphinx, Ward, Hadisubroto, Murray & Lee 2022)
Rosalía - Despecha (Despechá AB, Joan Morro)
(TEACH) Old Dominion - I Was On a Boat That Day (Dancing On A Boat, Chatti The Valley & Adela Ortega 2021)Workshop by Xavier Badiella
Luke Combs - Dim The Lights (Maddison Glover & Simon Ward 2022)
Why Don't We - Fallin' (Adrenaline) (Just Keep Falling, Darren Bailey Sep 2020 IMP)
The McClymonts - Here's To You & I (Dig Your Heels, Madison Glover)
Sofia - Loud (Loud, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden 2022)
Big Wild Feat. Rationale - 6's to 9's (6's To 9's, Jo Thompson & Scott Blevins)
Leaving Austin - Nothing But You (Nothing But You, Darren Bailey 2019)
Mabel - Time After Time (Far Ahead, Jean Pierre Madge 2021)
(TEACH) The War and Treaty - Dumb Luck (Dumb Luck, Darren Bailey)
Johnny Reid - She Just Wants to Dance (Dance Without A Partner, Niels Poulsen 2021)
Hidden Citizens - Unleash The Power (Unleash The Power, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 2022)
45 Stars - Stand by Me (Ivan Jack Remix) (Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk 2023)
Rema - Calm Down (Unknown choreo played)
Sarah Lake - Get In Or Get Out (Get In Or Get Out, Maggie Gallagher)
Brett Kissel - Damn (Damn, Rob Fowler 2018)
Oh The Larceny - Jumpin' In (Free To Run, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 2022)
The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix) (Dancing With Seoul, Various & Ward, Lee & Snooke 2022)
Kelly Clarkson - Move You (Move You, Simon Ward 2022)
Jason Derulo - French Montana (Tip Toe, Fred Whitehouse)
Tomeu Penya - Convence a tu mama (Jamaican Run, Debi Bovden)
Ingrid Michaelson - Pretty (Unknown choreo played)
Lady Gaga - Your Song (Especially For You, Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen 2022)
Grupo BIP - Yo No Te Pido La Luna (Yo No Te Pido La Luna, Joan Morro & Rosa Fiol 2022)
Daughtry - Break Into My Heart (Break Into My Heart, Darren Bailey 2022)
E-Type - Hold Your Horses (Hold Your Horses, AT Kinson & Tom Mickers)
Sound Of Legend - I'm So Excited (Unknown choreo played)
Pink - Never Gonna Not Dance Again (Never Gonna Not Dance, Maddison Glover 2022)
Whissell - All Shook Up (All Shook Up, Dustin Betts 2022)
Black Out All Stars - I Like It Like That (Islands In The Stream)

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