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Riudeline - Line Dance Social Class 19-04-2024 (April 19h, 2024)

RiudeLINE Venue

Corbi Linedancers
PLAYLIST Divendres 19-04-2024, Friday April 19th, 2024

Instructor & DJ Rafel Corbí
Local Polivalent de Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Catalonia)
Classe de 20.00 a 23.30


From AB's to Intermediate. Increasing gradually the level.
(R) Recap - Repassat
(NEW) - Teach - Ensenyat


El Simbolo - Levantando las manos (Ah Si!, Rita Masur)
Scooter Lee - Rompin' stompin' (Cowboy Charleston, Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller)
Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie - Last Night (Last Night's Dance, Karen Tripp)
(R) Ace of Base - Always Have, Always Willl (Always Will, Heather Barton)
(R) The Koi Boys - Hey Señorita (Hey Señorita AB, Suzi Beau)
T.G. Sheppard - The Last Cheaters Waltz (The Last Cheaters Waltz, Mike Stringer)
(R) Kenny Rogers - Someone must feel like a fool 
 (Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson)
Tracy Lawrence - Alibis (Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson)
45 Stars - Stand by Me (Ivan Jack Remix) (Stand By Me, Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk)
(R) Mark Chesnutt - Woman (This & That, Gary Lafferty)
(R) Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor - Marvin Gaye (Until The Dawn, Gary Lafferty)
Lane Turner - Outside Looking In (Outside In, Diana Dawson)
Kilotile - Cry To Me (Glass Of Wine, Malene Jakobsen)
The Bellamy Brothers - Like She's Not Yours (The Little Rhumba, Donna Laurin)
The Conquerors - Lucky Lips (Lucky Lips, Gary Lafferty)


Eruption - One Way Ticket (Ticket To The Blues, Niels Poulsen)
Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman - Stumblin' In (Toes, Rachael McEnaney)
Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water (Something In The Water, Niels Poulsen)
(R) Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now (Dance Version) (Hold Me Now, Roy Hadisubroto, Jonas Dahlgren & Raymond Sarlemijn)
Toby Keith - You Can't Read My Mind (Telepathy, Chris Hodgson)
Nancy Hays - Come Dance With Me (Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson)
(New) Meghan Trainor & T-Pain - Been Like This (Talk That Smack, Roy & Fiona Hadisubroto)
Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo - Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu (I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace)
Josh Kiser - I'm Never Drinking Again (Never Drinking Again, Lee Hamilton)
Taylor Moss - Ghosted (Ghosted, Niels Poulsen)
Ryan Griffin - Salt, Lime & Tequila (Salt, Lime & Tequila, Michelle Wright)
(R) Keith Urban - Straight Line (Straight Line, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly)
(New) Cher - Just Like Jesse James (Jesse James, Rachael McEnaney)

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