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Linedance With Birgit Bock (Biggi) -Oberaspach (Germany) Saturday May 25th, 2024 (Night Social)

Linedance With Birgit Bock (Biggi)

Line Dance Week-end
Oberaspach (Germany)
DJ Rafel Corbi from Corbi Linedancers
Guest Instructor: Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
Day 2 out of 3

Playlist Saturday 25-05-2024 (Night)
La Zarra - Évidemment (Evidemment, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden)
Barcode Brothers - The Flute (The Flute, Maggie Gallagher) Dua Lipa - Dance The Night (FestiNight, Romain Brasme, Guillaume Richard & José Miguel Belloque Vane) Slimane - Des milliers de je t’aime Your Little Heart (Ton Petit Coeur), Daniel Trepat & Chloe Ourtais) Billy Currington - Let Me Down Easy (If I Fall, Jose Miguel Belloque) Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Stitches, Amy Glass) Ronde - Bright Eyes (Bright Eyes, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane) LÒNIS/Daphne Willis - We're On Our Way (Get On Your Feet, Debbie Rushton) Lady Gaga - Is That Alright? (Fairytale Endings, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray) WORKSHOP: Daddy Yankee - Bonita (Bonita Bonita Eh) Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons (Sixteen Tons, Colin Ghys & Jose Miguel Belloque) Wynonna - She Is His Only Need (His Only Need, Ria Vos) Aaron Goodvin - Lonely Drum (Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell) El Simbolo - Levantando las manos (Ah Si!, Rita Masur) Oh The Larceny - Man On A Mission (Men on a Mission, Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen) Ben & Tan - Summer Nights (Magic Nights, Niels Poulsen) Dua Lipa - Dance The Night (FestiNight, Romain Brasme, Guillaume Richard & José Miguel Belloque Vane) Boney M. - Daddy Cool (Cooler Than Cool, Niels Poulsen) Pinkzebra Feat. Benji Jackson) - Larger Than Life (Bigger Than Life, JM Belloque Vane & Gregory Danvoie) P!nk - Our Song (Portland Dance Floor, Glass, Betts, Madge, Belloque , Ward & Poulsen) Bran/Meric Again/Nito-Onna - The Final Countdown (The Final, Belloque, Zaunschirm, Werner, Arruda, Kanetscheider & Holzhammer) Music Travel Love - Every Breath You Take (Every Move You Make, Jose Miguel Belloque & Alison Johnstone) Daddy Yankee - Bonita (Bonita Bonita Eh) Dylan Rockoff Feat. Caroline Kole - You're The One That I Want (Shape It Up, Trepat, Belloque & Verdonk) Paper Kings - Fire on Up (Fire on Up, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever) Moonshine Man - Trouble (My Middle Name, Willie Brown & Niels Poulsen) The McClymonts - Here's To You & I (Dig Your Heels, Madison Glover) Caleb and Kelsey - Dance With Me (Please Dance With Me, JM Belloque Vane) George Ezra - Green Green Grass (Green Green Grass, Karl-Harry Winson) Belle Perez - Agua Y Fuego (Agua Y Fuego, Verdonk, Sarlemijn & Trepat) Casey James - Driven (Driven, Rob Fowler) Citizen Soldier - Reason to Live (Reason to Live, Darren Bailey) The Bunch - Radar Love (Radar Love, Roy Verdonk & Raymond Sarlemijn) Trent Tomlinson - Eyes On You (Eyes On You, Belloque, Trepat, Holtland) Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie - Last Night (DJ Corbi Fast Mix) (Chill Factor, Daniel Whittaker) Various - Islands in the Stream (Islands in the Stream, Karen Jones) Jordan Davis - Slow Dance With You (Slow Dance With You, Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk) Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Lovee (The Power Of Love, Lucie Lu & Raymond Sarlemijn) Vanotek & Eneli - Back to Me (Vanotek Cha, Gary O'Reilly) Busta Rhymes & Fatman Scoop Machal Montano & Olivia From Love & Hip Hop - Make It Shake!!! (Make It Shake, Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey) Parah Dice/Brianna - Breathe (Breathe Cha, JM Belloque & Tim Johnson) Werq the World - Time Machine (Work The World, Rebecca Lee, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden) Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman - Something Stupid (Mona Lisa, Elisa Jonsdottir) Teddy Swims - Hold Me (Just Hold Me) Richard Marx - Same Heartbreak Different Day (Little Heartbreak, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk) The Busker - Dance (Our Own Party) (Our Own Party, Roy Hadisubroto, Shane McKeever & Jo Thompson) Blake Shelton - Corn (Corn, Rob Fowler) Blas Cantó - Él no soy yo (Majestic (Ma-Yestic), Gary O'Reilly) Mikolas Josef - Abu Dhabi (Drop Snap) Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Perfect, Allison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot) Michelle Williams - Tightrope (Tightrope, Maggie Gallagher) Dasha - Austin (Washed Up In Austin, Maggie Gallagher) Victor Ray - Comfortable (Comfortable, Marlon Ronkes & Romain Brasme) Sarah Lake - Get In Or Get Out (Get In Or Get Out, Maggie Gallagher) Brett Young - Change Your Name (Take My Name) Travis Tritt - Where Corn Don't Grow (Corn Don't Grow, Tina Argyle)

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