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Riudeline - Line Dance Social Class 12-04-2024 (April 12h, 2024)

RiudeLINE Venue

Corbi Linedancers
PLAYLIST Divendres 12-04-2024, Friday April 12th, 2024

Instructor & DJ Rafel Corbí
Local Polivalent de Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Catalonia)
Classe de 20.00 a 23.30


From AB's to Intermediate. Increasing gradually the level.
(R) Recap - Repassat
(NEW) - Teach - Ensenyat


Go Cat Go - Please Mama Please (Got Cat Go, Gaye Teather)
Brady Seals - Country as a boy can be (Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson)
Tracy Lawrence - If the world had a pront porch (Cowboy Boogie, Kelly Burkhardt)
(NEW) Ace of Base - Always Have, Always Willl (Always Will, Heather Barton)
Chuck Berry - Let's Twist Again (Cowgirls Twist, Bill Bader)
CEOL Feat. Nathan Carter - Heave Away (Heave Away AB, Rafel Corbí)
The Mavericks - All That Heaven Will Allow (Rhumba & Roses, Larry Bass)
Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me (Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover)
(R) Mark Chesnutt - Woman (This & That, Gary Lafferty)
T.G. Sheppard - The Last Cheaters Waltz (The Last Cheaters Waltz, Mike Stringer)
BR5-49 - Cherokee Boogie (The Cucaracha, Hank & Mary Dahl)
(R) Nancy Hays - Come Dance With Me (Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson)
Van Morrison - Precious Time (Precious Time, Pam Pike)
Kilotile - Cry To Me (Glass Of Wine, Malene Jakobsen)
(R) Rudedog & Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto)
(R) The Conquerors - Lucky Lips (Lucky Lips, Gary Lafferty)
Beyoncé - Texas Hold 'Em (Stick Around, Rafel Corbí) 


Supersister - Coffee (DHSS, Gaye Teather)
Timtim - Under The Sun (Under The Sun, Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu)
(R) Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water (Something In The Water, Niels Poulsen)
(R) Bill Haley - Rock around the clock (Rock Around The Clock, Tony Chapman)
(New) Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now (Dance Version) (Hold Me Now, Roy Hadisubroto, Jonas Dahlgren & Raymond Sarlemijn)
Anne Wilson, Hillary Scott - Mamas (Mama & Me, Gary O'Reilly)
Ryan Griffin - Salt, Lime & Tequila (Salt, Lime & Tequila, Michelle Wright)
(R) Lainey Wilson - Watermelon Moonshine (Watermelon Moonshine, Ivonne Verhagen)
Ron A McNeill - Hey Bob Dylan (Hey Bob Dylan, Rafel Corbí)
(R) Sarah Lake - Get In Or Get Out (Get In Or Get Out, Maggie Gallagher)
(R) Keith Urban - Straight Line (Straight Line, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly)
Taylor Moss - Ghosted (Ghosted, Niels Poulsen)
(R) Olly Murs - I Hate You When You're Drunk (When You're Drunk, Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers)
Shannon Noll - We Only Live Once (We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie)

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