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KDANCE-UP Event - Santa Susanna 30-03-2024 (March 30th, 2024) 2nd Day


Santa Susanna 29/31-03-2024 (March 29th-31st, 2024)

DJ: Rafel Corbi (Corbi Linedancers)
Hotel Don Angel (Santa Susanna, Catalonia)



A- Saturday Morning 10.30 'til 13.00

Jeanette Akua - Drunk (Shot of Tequila, Fred Whitehouse)
Trisha Yearwood Feat. Garth Brooks - What Gave Me Away (Sweet Attraction, Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk)
WORSKHOP: Lady Gaga - Is That Alright? ( (Fairytale Endings, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray)
George Ezra - Green Green Grass (Green Green Grass, Karl-Harry Winson)
Oh The Larceny - Jumpin' In (Free To Run, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray)
Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink (Geek In The Pink, Johanna Barnes)
Rosa Linn - SNAP (1 2 Snap, Maggie Gallagher)
WORSKHOP: Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now (Dance Version) (Hold Me Now, Roy Hadisubroto, Jonas Dahlgren & Raymond Sarlemijn)
David Nail - The Secret (Eternal Secret, Ria Vos)
Tyler Ward - No Diggity (Diggity Swinging, Tim Johnson)
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Smooth Criminal, Barry Porter & Paul Hulatt)
WORSKHOP:  Sadie - Cool (Be Obnoxious, Jason Aban & Darran Casey)
Spencer Crandall - Made (Soulmates, Shane McKeever)
Meghan Trainor & T-Pain - Been Like This (Talk That Smack, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray)

B- Saturday Afternoon 15.30 to 18.30

45 Stars - Stand by Me (Ivan Jack Remix) (Stand By Me, Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk)
Chris Bandi - Would Have Loved Her (Would Have Loved Her, Darren Bailey)
Luke Combs & Brooks & Dunn - 1, 2 Many (Half Past Tipsy - Glover & McEnaney)
VALNTN - Mercy (Portland Cha, Glass, Bettes, Madge, Belloque, Ward, Poulsen)
WORSKHOP: Masego - Navajo (Navajo, Fiona Murry & Roy Hadisubroto)
Ricky Cage - Show Me What You Got (Show Me, Joey Warren)
Pentatonix - Misbehavin' (Ain't Misbehavin' - Jo, Gayton, Amy)
Hidden Citizens Feat. Sam Tinnesz & Rayelle - Unleash The Power (Unleash The Power, Fiona Murray & Ray Hadisubroto)
Rita Ora - Don't Think Twice (Don't Think Twice, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden)
WORSKHOP: Alejandro Fuentes - Fuego (Alejandro's Fire, Sarlemijn, Dahlgren, Hadisubroto & Ronny Palerud Larsen)
Silvestre Dangond & Nicky Jam - Cásate Conmigo (Pop The Question, Niels Poulsen
The McClymonts - Here's To You & I (Dig Your Heels, Madison Glover)
Teddy Swims - What More Can I Say (Out Of Words, Niels Poulsen)
Leftrightcenter - Phenomenal (I Feel Phenomenal, Tim Johnson, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)
Teddy Swims - Devil in a Dress (Devil In A Dress, Niels Poulsen)
Paper Kings - Fire on Up (Fire on Up, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)
Teddy Swims Feat. Maren Morris - Some Things Ill Never Know (I'll Never Nnow, Jo Thompson & Niels Poulsen)
Deh & Sean Paul & Shaggy - Go Down (Go Down, Tim Johnson)
Daughtry - Break Into My Heart (Break Into My Heart, Darren Bailey)
Caitlyn Smith - The Card You Gamble (The Card You Gamble, Gary O'Reilly)
Diego Torres/Carlos Vives - Un Poquito (Un Poquito, Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson)
Ava Max - Ghost (I'm Haunted, Shane McKeever)
Sinead Harnett - All That You Are (Forbidden Waltz, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)
Leslie Odom Jr. - Go Crazy (Thrill Me Cha Cha, Tim Johnson & Hayley Whitley)
Nate Barnes - Ain't Got A Shot (Faded Dreams, Maddison Glover, Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse)
TiëSto Ft Ava Max - The Motto (Let's Make Some Bubbles, Niels Poulsen)
Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull - I'm a Freak (AK Freak, Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy)
Olly Murs - I Hate You When You're Drunk (When You're Drunk, Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers)

C- Saturday Night (Social Dance) 21:00 til 02.00

Big Wild Feat. Rationale - 6's to 9's (6's To 9's, Jo Thompson & Scott Blevins)
Thundermother - Hot Mess (Bare My Soul, Bailey, Whitehouse, Verdonk, Trepat)
Pink - Never Gonna Not Dance Again (Never Gonna Not Dance, Maddison Glover)
John Duff & Lillias White - High Heels (Stilettos, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)
Teddy Swims - The Door (I Showed You The Door, Ria Vos)
Jung Kook & BTS - Dreamers (Respect, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden)
Logan Mize - Another Right Now (Toronto Right Now, Gary O'Reilly)
Werq the World - Time Machine (Work The World, Rebecca Lee, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden)
Barry Manilow & Reba McEntire - Islands In The Stream (Islands In The Stream, Karen Jones)
Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Mileys Flowers, Trude Dalene)
Rita Ora Feat. Fatboy Slim - Praising You (The Last Hurrah, Hadisubroto, Murray, Ward & Glover)
Jason Derulo & David Guetta - Down (Drop It Down, Shane McKeever)
Parah Dice/Brianna - Breathe (Breathe Cha, JM Belloque & Tim Johnson)
Nate Barnes - Ain't Got A Shot (Faded Dreams, Maddison Glover, Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse)
Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) (Cold Heart, Maddison Glover)
Whissell - All Shook Up (All Shook Up, Dustin Betts)
Tina Parol & Otto Blue - We're Bringing It Back (Bringing It Back, Fred Whitehouse)
Lucky Luke - Give It To Me (Give It To Me Cha, Jean-Pierre Madge & Tim Johnson)
Michael Medrano - Do Your Thing! (ReDo Your Thing, Jean-Pierre Madge & Ryan Hunt)
Daughtry - Witness (Witness, Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey)
Brett Eldredge - Crowd My Mind (Crowded Mind, Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen)
Jonas Brothers - Remember This (Remember This, Maddison Glover)
P!nk Feat. Wrabel - 90 Days (90 Days, Dustin Betts)
Fletcher Kirkman & Nuz Ngatai - Drop It to the Floor (Cyber Drop, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)
Blair - Have Fun Go Mad (Have Fun Go Mad, Scott Blevins)
Christina Aguilera - Walk Away (Hurts My Soul, Niels Poulsen)
Banners - Someone To You (Someone To You, Guillaume Richard)
Elton John - Blessed (Blessed, Jackie Miranda)
Meghan Trainor & T-Pain - Been Like This (Talk That Smack, Roy & Fiona Hadisubroto)
Jonathan Hutcherson - Dust (Dust To Dust, Darren Bailey)
Big Brovaz - Nu Flow (Nu Flow, Masters in Line)
Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (One Reason,  Fiona Murray, Guyton Mundy & Roy Hadisubroto)
David Nail - Clouds (Bittersweet Memory, Ria Vos)
Lady Gaga - Is That Alright? ( (Fairytale Endings, Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray)
Rihanna - Pon De Replay (Pon De Replay, Roy Hadisubroto)
Carter Faith - Man (Johnnie Walker Blues, Maddison Glover)
Matteo Bocelli - Give Me Your Tempo (Give Me Your Tempo, Nathan Gardiner 2022 IMP)
Madonna, Maluma & Offer Nissim - Medellín ( Madame X In The Sphinx Mix) (The Sphinx, Simon Ward, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray & Rebecca Lee 2022) 
Adam Lambert - Holding Out for a Hero (Everyone Needs A Hero, Verdonk-David-Camps)
Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now (Dance Version) (Hold Me Now, Roy Hadisubroto, Jonas Dahlgren & Raymond Sarlemijn)
Taylor Moss - Ghosted (Ghosted, Niels Poulsen)
The Script - Rain (Bring Down The Rain, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)
Tommy Castro - Sho' Enough (Sho'Nuf, Jamie Marshall)
Matt Simons - To The Water (Take Me To The Water, Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)
Sadie - Cool (Be Obnoxious, Jason Aban & Darran Casey)
Foxxi Feat. Natalie Major - Get What I Want (Get What I Want, Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney) 
Oh The Larceny - Man On A Mission (Men on a Mission, Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen)
Teddy Swims - Lose Control (Lose Control, Bradley Mather)
Masego - Navajo (Navajo, Fiona Murry & Roy Hadisubroto)
Anne Wilson, Hillary Scott - Mamas (Mama & Me, Gary O'Reilly)
Nico Santos - Unforgettable (Unforgettable, Darren Bailey)
Taps - Waiting For You (Taps, Darren Bailey)
Spencer Crandall - Made (Soulmates, Shane McKeever)
Ariana Grande & The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Save Your Tears)
Nate Smith - Wreckage (Wreckage, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)
Alejandro Fuentes - Fuego (Alejandro's Fire, Sarlemijn, Dahlgren, Hadisubroto & Ronny Palerud Larsen)
River Atley - Fixing Me Breaking You (Fixing Me, Fred Whitehouse)
Mullally - Vibe (The Vibe, Tim Johnson)
Strive to Be/Patch Crowe - If You Believe (If You Believe, Gary O'Reilly)
Loud Luxury - Body (In The Six, Shane McKeever& Joey Warren)
Epic Sound - Genetics (Genetics, Rebecca Lee)
Tina Arena - I'm In Chains (Swing Your Chains, Dee Soares & Shaun Maguire)
Adam Lambert - Ghost Town (Vampire City, Niels Poulsen & Shane McKeever)
Casey Donovan - 5 O'Clock Dance (5 O'Clock Dance, Debbie Rushton)
Loveable Rogues - What a Night (Party Night)
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (Don't Lose My Breath, Roy Hadisubroto)
Busta Rhymes & Fatman Scoop Machal Montano & Olivia From Love & Hip Hop - Make It Shake!!! (Make It Shake, Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey)
Joshua Kadison - Beautiful in My Eyes (Beautiful In My Eyes, Simon Ward)

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