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Campllong Dissabte 09/02/2019 Line-Dance - Rafel Corbí

Campllong Line
Dissabte/Saturday 9 febrer / february 2019
Line-Dance Class
Instructor: Rafel Corbí
"The Spirit of Line-Dance"

Darrera classe del curs de Line-Dance a Campllong per a tots els nivells des de la categoria d'improvers/iniciats. Aquesta setmana, a l'acabar el curs, hem ballat totes les coreos que hem fet i/o repassat juntament amb d'altres d'anteriors cursos. Hem repassat l'Sleepwalk With Me (Fred Whitehouse).
Propera classe dissabte 23 de febrer, primer dia del curs febrer-juny. De 18.45 a 21.00!!!



Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo - Ich Mache Meine Augen Zu (I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace)
Barbra Streisand - It's Up To You (It's Up To You, Kim Ray 2006)
Sheppard - Choke (Secret Samba, Adrian Churm)
Joshua Kadison - Beautiful in My Eyes (Beautiful In My Eyes, Simon Ward)
The Killers - Human (Human Dancer, Alan G. Birchall 2008)
Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory (Blaze Of Glory, Ward ,Poulsen ,McKeever & Whitehouse, June 2018)
Rudedog & Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto 2017)
Anton & Sully - Celtic Duo (Celtic Duo, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly)
Steve Moakler - Hard Not To Love It (Get It Right, Maddison Glover 2018)
Shannon Noll - We Only Live Once (We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie)
Kenny Rogers - Children, Go Where I Send Thee Feat Home Free (Bethlehem Child, Verdonk, Holtland & Belloque)
The Shires - Sleepwalk (Sleepwalk With Me, Fred Whitehouse) TEACH-ENSENYAT
Drake Jensen - Wherever Love Takes Us (Waves Of Love, Gary O'Reilly 2018)
Parov Stelar - Clap Your Hands (Little Charleston, Frank Trace)
Keith Urban - Texas Time (Texas Time, Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax  2018)
Alexander Rybak - I Came To Love You (I Came To Love You, Gary O'Reilly & DeeMusk 2016)
Saint Lanvain Feat. Rahmsed - If Jesus Loves Me (Groovy Love, Whitehouse, Trepat & Dalhgren)
Pentatonix - Misbehavin' (Ain't Misbehavin' - Jo, Gayton, Amy)
Ward Thomas - Carry You Home (Dear Friend, Kate Sala INT Jul 3016)
Train f./Ashley Monroe - Bruises (Bruises, Niels Poulsen)
Lionel Richie - Angel (Forever And A Day, Pat Stott)
Elton John - Blessed (Blessed, Jackie Miranda)
Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color (Blue Ain't Your Color, Verdonk & Belloque)
Paul Rey  - Soldier (Soldier, Jose Miguel Belloque)
Gary Barlow - Let Me Go (Fly High, Maggie Gallagher)
Glenn Frey - Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Caught In The Act, Ann Word)
Ronan Hardiman - Dance above the rainbow (Pot Of Gold, Liam Hrycan)
Brett Kissel - Damn (Damn, Rob Fowler 2018)
Aaron Watson - That Look (Sinatra & Chardonnay, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2015)
Kesha - Boots (Boots, Maddison Glover 2017)
Gord Bamford - Is It Friday Yet (Is It Friday Yet, Diana Dawson, 2012)
Blair - Have Fun Go Mad (Have Fun Go Mad, Scott Blevins)

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