divendres, 23 de febrer del 2018

Palafrugell Dilluns 19/02/2018 Line Rafel

Campllong Line
Instructor: Rafel Corbí

Skinny Genes, Pat & Lizzie Stott
Summer Fly, Geoffrey Rothwell
Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Andy Chumbly
This Is Me, Yvonne Anderson
Country Two Step, Masters In Line
Caught In The Act, Ann Word
Zjozzy's Funk, Petra Van de Velde (Ensenyat/Teach)
Walk Back To Me, Metelnick, Biggs & Albro (Ensenyat/Teach)
Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover
Your Heaven, Niels Poulsen (Ensenyat/Teach)
Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray
Every Time It Rains, Adrian Churm (Ensenyat/Teach)
When I See Ya, Robbie McGowan Hickie
Blessed, Jackie Miranda (Repassat/Recap)
It's Up Tou You, Kim Ray (Repassat/Recap)
Every Time She Walks By, Heather Barton (Ensenyat/Teach)
Hold Me Tight, Gwenda Rooke

Every Time It Rains (Adrian Churm)

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