dimecres, 4 d’octubre del 2017


Setembre Top-30

1. Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
2. AB For Friends, Rafel Corbí
3. The Boat To Liverpool, Ross Brown
4. Summer Saturday Night, Rafel Corbí
5. Lay Low, Darren Bailey
6. Tour In Mexico, Adriano Castagnoli
7. Step By Love, David Villellas
8. Bring Down The House, Cormier & Henley
9. Until The Dawn, Gary Lafferty
10. Breaking Horses, Mercè Orriols
11. Hey Girl, Micaela Svensson
12. Prodissy, Michelle Fowler & Sally Nugent
13. On The Rocks, Peter Metelnick
14. Islands In The Stream, Karen Jonesç
15. Cuz You, Jeffke Camps
16. Tag On, David Vilellas
17. San Lucas, Rafel Corbí
18. Rock Around The Clock, Unknown
19. Lalali, Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner
20. Two By Two, Derek Robinson
21. Wave On Wave, Alan Birchall
22. The Long Way Home, Marie Sorensen
23. Telepathy, Chris Hodgson
24. Knee Deep, Peter & Alison
25. Beautiful In My Eyes, Simon Ward
26. Happy Happy Happy, Ma Angeles Mateu
27. Irish Stew, Lois Lightfoot
28. Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace
29. JR, Gabi Ibañez
30. My New Life, John Offermans

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