dimecres, 4 d’octubre del 2017

Dilluns 03/10/2017 Palafrugell Line

Dilluns 03/10/2017 Palafrugell Line
Els Ametllers
Rafel Corbí

Lay Low, Darren Bailey
Islands In The Stream, Karen Hunn
Magic Moon, Robbie McGowan-Hickie
Paddy's Choir, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Don't Ask, Gaye Teather
Boots & Paul, Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy
AB For Friends, Rafel Corbí
Three Teachers, Capitan-Villellas-Sweet
Two By Two, Derek Robinson
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
Until The Dawn, Gary Lafferty
Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace
This & That, Gary Lafferty
Your Loving Arms, Vikki Morris
The Boat To Liverpool, Ross Brown
Summer Fly, Geoffrey Rothwell
This Is Me, Yvonne Anderson
The Lemon Tree, Kim Ray
Just A Memory, John Dean & Maggie Gallagher
Caballero, Ira Weisburd
Bridges To Your Heart, Kathy Brown
Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle


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