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Riudeline - Line Dance Social Dancing (Ball Social) 09-12-2023 (December 12th)

RiudeLINE Venue

Corbi Linedancers
PLAYLIST Dissabte 12-12-2023, Saturday December 12th, 2023
Charity Social/Marató Solidari.

DJ Rafel Corbí
Local Polivalent de Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Catalonia)
Social Dancing (Ball Social) 20.00 - 1.30 


I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto
Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson
Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson
Some Kind Of Wonderful, Gary O'Reilly
Under The Sun, Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu
Got Cat Go, Gaye Teather
Rhumba & Roses, Larry Bass
Rock Around The Clock, Unknown
Cowboy Charleston, Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller
On The Rocks, Peter Metelnick
Imelda's Way, Adrian Churm
Country Walkin', Teree Desarro
The Cucaracha, Hank & Mary Dahl
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
Pot Of Gold, Liam Hrycan
Electric Slide, Unkown
Hello Dolly, Lorraine Kurtela
Ticket To The Blues, Niels Poulsen
Work The World, Rebecca Lee, Mark Furnell & Chris Godden
Rose Garden, Jo Thompson
Stand By Me, Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk
Islands In The Stream, Karen Jones
Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee
San Lucas, Rafel Corbí
Jamaican Run, Debi Bovden
Give Me Your Tempo, Nathan Gardiner
Eatin' Right And Drinkin' Bad, Max Perry
Hurts My Soul, Niels Poulsen
Alexa (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Toes, Rachael McEnaney
Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover
Pitter Patter, Derek Robinson
Chill Factor, Daniel Whitakker
Tomorrow Never Comes, (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Ghosted, Niels Poulsen
Cowboy Boogie, Kelly Burkhardt
Lucky Lips, Gary Lafferty
Coastin', Ray & Tina Yeoman
Ah Si!, Rita Masur
Think Of You, Montse Garres
Hey Bob Dylan, Rafel Corbí
Tag On, David Vilellas
DHSS, Gaye Teather
The Sphinx, Simon Ward, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray & Rebecca Lee
Wonder (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Mamma Maria, Frank Trace
Telepathy, Chris Hodgson
Cold Heart, Maddison Glover
'Til You Can't, Gary O'Reilly
Heave Away AB, Rafel Corbi
This & That, Gary Lafferty
Western Show (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Go Getter, Jean-Pierre Madge & Rebecca Lee
Tennessee Waltz Surprize, Andy Chumbly
Cowgirls Twist, Bill Bader
Blue Night Cha, Kim Ray
1 2 Snap, Maggie Gallagher
Coti x Coti (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Precious Time, Pam Pike
Amame, Robbie McGowan-Hickie
Mama & Me, Gary O'Reilly
Dust, Victor Manuel Rodriguez
Wreckage, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever
I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace
Two By Two, Derek Robinson
Human Dancer, Alan G. Birchall
California Blue, Jean Bridgeman
Zjozzy's Funk, Petra Van de Velde
The Lovers (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Lose Control, Bradley Mather
Vertical Expression, Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence
We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie
We're Alive, Masters In Line
3 Tequila Floor, Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson
Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler
Get Up! (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
White Rose, Gaye Teather
Bosa Nova, Phil Dennington
Fire on Up, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever
Only Good (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle
If I Fall, Jose Miguel Belloque
People Pleaser (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
Watermelon Moonshine, Ivonne Verhagen
2 Lane Highway, Gary O'Reilly
Go Down, Tim Johnson
His Only Need, Ria Vos
Is This Love (Requested, Choreographers Unknown)
2 Stepping Away, Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler & Kate Sala

NEXT SOCIAL /PROPER BALL SOCIAL: January 13th 2024 /13 de gener de 2024

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