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Campllong (Catalonia) Line Dance Social Class 24-02-2023 (Feb. 24th)

Campllong City Venue

Corbi Linedancers
PLAYLIST Friday February 24th, 2023
Teacher & DJ Rafel Corbí
Campllong (Girona, Catalonia)

From AB's to Intermediate. Increasing gradually the level.
(R) Recap - Repassat
(NEW) - Teach - Ensenyat


Electric Slide (Unknown)
Mamma Maria, Frank Trace
One Step Forward, Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia
The Little Rhumba, Donna Laurin
The Last Cheaters Waltz, Mike Stringer
Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson (NEW)
Precious Time, Pam Pike
Cowgirls Twist, Bill Bader
Skinny Genes, Pat & Lizzie Stott
Last Night's Dance, Karen Tripp
Born To Be Great, Conrad Farnham (NEW)
Lucky Lips, Gary Lafferty
When You Smile, JM Belloque & Roy Verdonk (R)
Got Cat Go, Gaye Teather
Footloose AB, Rafel Corbi
Love Grows, Craig Bennett & Maddison Glover (R)
I'm On My Way, Maggie Gallagher
Paddy's Choir, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Whiskey Bridges, Maddison Glover


Telepathy, Chris Hogdson
Give Me Your Tempo, Nathan Gardiner
Some Kind Of Wonderful, Gary O'Reilly
2 Stepping Away, Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler & Kate Sala
I Close My Eyes, Hazel Pace
Coward Of The County, Rafel Corbí (NEW)
Storm And Stone, Maddison Glover
When You're Drunk, Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers (R)
Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle
'Til You Can't, Gary O'Reilly (R)
Bruises, Niels Poulsen
Everyone Needs A Hero, Verdonk-David-Camps (R)
Walk Back To Me, Metelnick, Biggs & Dan Albro
Green Green Grass, Karl-Harry Winson
Overpass Graffiti, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick (R)
Take A Breather, Maggie Gallagher
Caught In The Act, Ann Wood (R)

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