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Campllong (Catalonia Line Dance Social) 02 DEC 2022

Campllong City Venue

Corbi Linedancers
PLAYLIST Friday December 2nd, 2022
Teacher & DJ Rafel Corbí
Campllong (Girona, Catalonia)


Electric Slide, Unknown
Cowboy Boogie, Kelly Burkhardt
Cowboy Charleston, Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller
Go Cat Go, Gaye Teather
Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson
Mamma Maria, Frank Trace
Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover
Heave Away AB, Rafel Corbí Vilardell
Cowgirls Twist, Bill Bader
Stop Draggin' Your Boots, Noreen Wall
Hayya Hayya, Ray Jones & Matt Lewis
The Last Cheaters Waltz, Mike Stringer
Last Night's Dance, Karen Tripp
Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee
Cowboy Strut, Cindy Hall & Candy B.
Skinny Genes, Patricia Stott & Lizzie Stott (x2)
One Step Forward, Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia (x2)
New Country Cha, Hayley Wheatley & Ella Wheatley (x2)
Remix Of Love, Gary O' Reilly
Rhumba & Roses, Larry Bass
Cold Heart, Maddison Glover
I Got A Woman, Michael Desire-Nieto
Some Kind Of Wonderful, Gary O' Reilly
The Older I Get, Ceacilia Fatruan
2 Steppin' Away, Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler & Kate Sala
Salt, Lime & Tequila, Michelle Wright
Half Past Tipsy, Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White (x2)
Storm & Stone, Maddison Glover
Natural Girl, Rafel Corbí Vilardell
Green Green Grass, Karl Harry Winson
What A Song Can Do, Heather Barton & Andrew Hayes
Cheek to Cheek, Rob Fowler
Greener Grass, Elaine Cook (x2)
Half Of Me, Rafel Corbí Vilardell (x2)
The Morning After, Rafel Corbí Vilardell
Another One Bites The Dust, Ryan Hunt
Til You Can't, Gary O' Reilly
Wintergreen, Maggie Gallagher
Texas Time, Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax
Nothing But You, Darren Bailey

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