dilluns, 7 de novembre del 2022

Classe divendres 4 de novembre de 2022

Corbi Linedancers Social
Friday November 4th, 2022
Campllong City Venue, Catalonia
20,00 til 23.30
DJ Rafel Corbí


Electric Slide
Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson
Cowboy Charleston, Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller
Mamma Maria, Frank Trace
Heave Away AB, Rafel Corbi
Cowboy Boogie
Got Cat Go, Gaye Teather
Cowboy Strut, Unknown
Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover
Hayya Hayya, Ray Jones & Matt Lewis
The Last Cheaters Waltz, Mike Stringer
Stop Draggin Your Boots, Noreen Wall
Cowgirl's Twist
Toes, Rachael McEnaney
Salt, Lime & Tequila, Michelle Wright
2 Stepping Away, Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler & Kate Sala
Natural Girl, Rafel Corbi
Green Green Grass, Karl-Harry Winson
The Morning After, Rafel Rafel Corbí Vilardell
Cold Heart, Maddison Glover
My new life, John Overmars
Storm And Stone, Maddison Glover
Another One Bites The Dust, Ryan Hunt
Greener Grass, Elaine Cook
We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie
Train Wreck, Niels Poulsen
'Til You Can't, Gary O'Reilly
Missing, Heather Barton
Waves Of Love, Gary O'Reilly

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