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Classes Campllong 2022-01-21 i 22 (21 i 22 de gener de 2022)

1a classe de la segona meitat del curs 2021-2022. Divendres 21 i dissabte 22 de gener de 2022. Tornem després de més d'un mes de pausa.
Informació de la música i balls de les nostres classes a Campllong. Gràcies i disfruteu dels videos i la música.

(R) Recap/Repassat
(N) New/Nou

Professor/DJ: Rafel Corbí
21 de gener de 2022. De 20.00 a 21.30 (Avui només ball de coreos fetes el trimestre passat)

Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart (Electric Slide)
Tim McGraw - I like it I love it (Dance Mix) (Cowboy Boogie)
Operación Triunfo - Quiero ser como tú (Cowboy Charleston)
Brady Seals - Country as a boy can be (Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson)
Blue Bombay - You're Sixteen (Lindi Shuffle, Jane Smee)
Pop Life - Mamma Maria (Mamma Maria)
Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me (Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover)
Van Morrison - Precious Time (Precious Time, Pam Pike)
The Mavericks - All That Heaven Will Allow (Rhumba & Roses, Larry Bass)
Whigfield - Sexy Eyes (Sexy Eyes, Gary O'Reilly 2021 - AB)
Tracy Lawrence - Alibis (Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson)
The Mavericks - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (The Cucaracha)
Lane Turner - Outside Looking In (Outside In, Diana Dawson 2018)
Bluelagoon - Isle of Paradise (The Little Rhumba)
Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie - Last Night (Last Night's Dance, Karen Tripp)
Little Texas - God blessed Texas (Dance Mix) (God Blessed Texas, Shirley K. Batson)
Nancy Hays - Come Dance With Me (Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson)
Shakin' Stevens - Lipstick, Powder and Paint (Lipstick, Powder and Paint, Stephen & Claire Rutter 2015)
George Strait - One Night at a Time (Stroll Along Cha Cha, John & Janette Sandham)
Tomeu Penya - Convence a tu mama (Jamaican Run, Debi Bovden)

Professor/DJ: Rafel Corbí
21 de gener de 2022. De 21.30 a 23.00

Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) (Cold Heart, Maddison Glover 2021)
Atomic Kitten - Whole Again (Whole Again, Sue Johnstone)
(R) Justin Wellington & Small Jam - Iko Iko (My Bestie) (My Bestie, Colin Ghysn & JM Belloque - High Improver 2021)
Glen Rogers - Cheek to Cheek (Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler)
(N) Rod Stewart - Some Kind Of Wonderful (Some Kind Of Wonderful, Gary O'Reilly Nov 2021 BEG)
Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman - Stumblin' In (Toes, Rachael McEnaney)
(R) Jill King - Can't Let Go (Train Wreck, Niels Poulsen - High Improver 2021)
(R) James Barker Band - Keep It Simple (Keep It Simple, Maggie Gallagher 2019)
Clay Walker - Live, Laugh, Love (Live Laugh Love, Rob Fowler)
(R) Lady A - What A Song Can Do (What A Song Can Do, Heather Barton & Andrew Hayes 2021)
Toby Keith - White Rose (White Rose, Gaye Teather)
(N) Ed Sheeran - Overpass Graffiti (Overpass Graffiti, Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2021)
Celtic Thunder - The Galway Girl (Galway Girls, Chris Hogdson)

Professor/DJ: Rafel Corbí
22 de desembre de 2022. De 18.45 a 21.00

Barcode Brothers - The Flute (The Flute, Maggie Gallagher)
Ed Sheeran - Shivers (Give Me Shivers, Julia Wetzel INT 2021)
Adam Craig - Just A Phase (Just A Phase, Fred Whitehouse & Maddison Glover 2019 INT)
Chris Young - Tonight We're Dancing (Tonight We're Dancing, Maddison Glover 2021)
(N) Danger Twins - Movin' (Danger Twins, Karl-Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield Jan 2022)
(R) Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits (Bad Habits, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 2021)
(R) Mitch Rossell - All I Need To See (I've Seen It All, Gary O'Reilly 2020)
(R) Rodney Atkins - About The South (Dixie Fix, Niels Poulsen 2021 INT)
(R) Will Young - Evergreen (Evergreen, Karen Hunn)
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Your Loving Arms, Vikki Morris)
Fletcher Kirkman & Nuz Ngatai - Drop It to the Floor (Cyber Drop, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 2021)

Professor/DJ: Rafel Corbí
22 de gener de 2022. De 15.00 a 18.40

- *Stop It* (x3) (Rob Fowler) - *Shakatak* (x3) (Kate Sala) - Out Out (x3) (Guillaume Richard, Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen) - Would Have Loved Her (x2) (Darren Bailey) - Starlights (Gary O' Reilly & Maggie Gallagher) - Cyber Samba (x2) (Shane McKeever & Fred Whitehouse) - Forbidden Waltz (x2) (Shane McKeever & Fred Whitehouse) - Make It Shake (Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey) - Dem Dey Go (Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray) - Love Remains (Gary O’Reilly) - A Few Shots! (Niels Poulsen, Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever) - Faith & Desire (Johanna Barnes) - I Can’t Stop (Fred Whitehouse) - Poetry In Motion (Masters In Line) - Burden (Shane McKeever) - More Dessert (Guyton Mundy & Klara Wallman) - The Vibe (Tim Johnson) - All Day Long (Gary Lafferty) - Nu Flow (Masters In Line) - Geek In The Pink (Johanna Barnes) - Keeping Me Alive (Rachael McEnaney-White) - Mesmerised (Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever) - Country In 3 (Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michelle Burton) - Somebody Like You (Alan Birchall) - Truth Be Told (Maddison Glover) - Catch (Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Grace David)

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