dimarts, 18 de febrer del 2020

Classe Palafrugell - Dilluns 2020-02-17

Els Ametllers
Classe Line-Dance
Dilluns 17 de FEBRER de 2020
21.15 a 23.15

Propera classe: dilluns 24 de febrer de 2020




Shakin Stevens - A Love Worth Waiting For (1000 Years Or More, Martin Ritchie)
Toby Keith - Big Blue Note (Blue Note, Jan Smith)
The Tractors - Shorterin' Bread (Bread And Butter, Roz Morgan)
(R) Glenn Frey - Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Caught In The Act, Ann Word)
Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey 2017)
Gary Perkins & The Breeze - Thank You (Thank You, Tina Argyle)
Mestizzo - Patricia (Rio, Diana Lowery)
Mason James - Who Needs Mexico (Who Needs Mexico, Claire Bell)
(R) Chris Norman - My Gypsy Queen (Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace - May 2016)
(R) Alan Jackson - Tall Tall Trees (Lemon Tree, Kim Ray)
(R) Rick Trevino - Olivia (Because of You, John Warnars)
Toby Keith - Cabo San Lucas (San Lucas, Rafel Corbí)
Beccy Cole - Too Strong To Break (Tag On, David Vilellas)
(R) Pam Tillis - Blue Roses (Blue Rose Is, Danna Lent)
Saint Lanvain Feat. Rahmsed - If Jesus Loves Me (Groovy Love, Whitehouse, Trepat & Dalhgren)
Pentatonix - Can't Sleep Love (Yeah!, Michael Barr)
Lee Kernaghan - Backroad Nation (Backroad Nation, Diana Dawson)
Zac Brown Band & Jimmy Buffett - Knee Deep (Knee Deep, Peter & Alison)

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