diumenge, 10 de novembre del 2019

Ball Social Line Dance Campllong 2019-11-09

Ball Social Campllong
DJ Rafel Corbí
Dissabte 9 de novembre de 2019
De 22.00 a 1.00


The Country Dance Kings - Achy Breaky Heart (Electric Slide, Unknown)
Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey 2017)
Zac Brown Band - Toes (Toes, Rachael McEnaney)
Kenny Chesney - Some Town Somewhere (Born To Be Great, Conrad Farnham)
Jeanette Akua - Shot Of Tequila (Shot Of Tequila, Fred Whitehouse)
Jraffee - California
Imelda May - Inside Out (Imelda's Way, Adrian Churm)
Scooter Lee - Rompin' stompin' (Cowboy Charleston, Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller)
DJ Bobo - Señorita (Señorita, Adrian Churm)
Chad Brock - Yes (Rose Garden, Jo Thompson 1999)
Keith Urban - Texas Time (Texas Time, Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax  2018)
Lolo - Wild (Get Wild, Maddison Glover)
Barry Manilow & Reba McEntire - Islands In The Stream (Islands In The Stream, Karen Jones)
Go Cat Go - Please Mama Please (Got Cat Go, Gaye Teather)
James Barker Band - Keep It Simple (Keep It Simple, Maggie Gallagher 2019)
Claudia Church - The streets of Nashville (On The Rocks, Peter Metelnick)
Lee Kernaghan - Backroad Nation (Backroad Nation, Diana Dawson)
Leaving Austin - Nothing But You (Nothing But You, Darren Bailey 2019)
Irene Sheer - Tennessee Waltz (Tennessee Waltz Surprize, Andy Chumbly)
Jason Derulo - French Montana (Tip Toe, Fred Whitehouse)
The Mavericks - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (The Cucaracha)
Aaron Goodvin - Lonely Drum (Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell)
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita (Señorita La La La, Julia Wetzel)
Tommy Castro - Soul Shake (Soul Shake, Fred Whitehouse 2019)
The Bellamy Brothers - Vertical Expression (Vertical Expression, Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence)
Taps - Waiting for you
Brady Seals - Country as a boy can be (Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson)
Dr. Victor If You Wanna Be Happy - If You Wanna Be Happy (Crazy Foot Mambo, Paul McAdam)
Saint Lanvain Feat. Rahmsed - If Jesus Loves Me (Groovy Love, Whitehouse, Trepat & Dalhgren)
Smokie - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Pitter Patter, Derek Robinson)
Rudedog & Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (I Got A Woman, Michael Desire Nieto 2017)
Saveria - Down To The Roots
Richi E Poveri - Mamma Maria (Mamma Maria, Frank Trace)
David Nail - Champagne Promise (Champagne Promise, Tina Argyle)
The Killers - Human (Human Dancer, Alan G. Birchall 2008)
Thomas Rhett - Remember You Young (Remember You Young, Amund Storsveen & Jo Thompson)
Queen - Somebody To Love (Somebody To Love, Rachael McEnaney 2019)
Helena Paparizou - A Brighter  Day (Sunshine, Barbara Lowe)
Toby Keith - White Rose (White Rose, Gaye Teather)
Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels - Shame & Scandal In The Family (Shame & Scandal In The Family, Rep Ghazali)
King Calaway - World For Two (World For Two, Gary O'Reilly 2019)
Glenn Frey - Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (Caught In The Act, Ann Word)
Tina Turner - The Best (Simply The Best)
Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me (Rocket To The Sun, Maddison Glover)
Allwoods - Miss Our Days (Miss Our Days, Pol F. Ryan)
Adam Lambert - Trespassing
Shannon Noll - We Only Live Once (We Only Live Once, Robbie McGowman Hickie)
The Koi Boys - Hey Señorita (Hey Señorita AB, Suzi Beau)
Beccy Cole - Too Strong To Break (Tag On, David Vilellas)
Tyler Dial - Hold You To It (5:15)
Glen Rogers - Cheek to Cheek (Cheek To Cheek, Rob Fowler)

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