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Campllong Divendres 11/01/2019 Country - Rafel Corbí

Campllong Country Line
Divendres/Friday 11 gener/january 2019
Només Country /Only Country 

Class & Social 
Instructor: Rafel Corbí Corbí (UKDC, NTA)

10a classe de la temporada i 1a del nou any 2019.... una nit intensa de classes i balls on hem repassat molts balls (Damn!!!, Bobbi With An I, DJ Around, Guitars & Cadillacs, Brokenhearted) i a on n'hem afegit tres a la llista (Taste Me, The Yellow Town i Bethlehem Child)... propera classe ball el divendres dia 18, de 21.15 a 0.00). Tots/es hi sou benvinguts/udes....



Kenny Chesney - Some Town Somewhere (Born To Be Great, Conrad Farnham)
The Washboard Union - Head Over Heels (Three Teachers, Capitan-Villellas-Sweet)
George Canyon - Every Shade of Gone (Paradise, Adriano Castagnoli)
Lee Brice - A Woman Like You (If I Was A Single Man, Ria Vos)
Ann Tayler - 1-2-3 (1-2-3-4 Niels Poulsen)
Kirsty Lee Akers - Better Days (Better Days, Adriano Castagnoli 2018)
R - Brett Kissel - Damn (Damn!!!, Rob Fowler 2018)
Toby Keith - Get Out Of My Car (Wild Forever, Neus Lloveras & Silvia Mimó)
JK Nick Nichols - Country Music Isn't Country Anymore (We Love Country, Rafel Corbí)
R - Phil Vassar - Bobbi With An I (Bobbi With An I, Rachael McEnaney)
R - Ali S - Girls, Beers, Utes & Rodeo (DJ Around, Mercè Orriols 2018)
James House - This Is Me Missing You (This Is Me, Yvonne Anderson)
Ritchie Remo - Don't Close Your Eyes (Sweet Eyes, Montse Chafino & David Villellas)
E-N- Kelsey Fitch - A Little Taste (Taste Me, Virginie Barjaud 2018)
R - Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs (Remastered) (Guitars & Cadillacs, Rafel Corbi 2018)
Train f./Ashley Monroe - Bruises (Bruises, Niels Poulsen)
Wade Bowen - Day of the dead (Day Of The Dead, Dan Albro 2018)
E-N- Jayne Denham - Road to Our Town (The Yellow Town, David Villellas)
R - William Michael Morgan - Brokenhearted (Brokenhearted, Gary Lafferty)
Dustin Evans - Horses And Hearts (Breaking Horses, Mercè Orriols)
Granger Smith - 19 Forever (19 Forever, Bruno Moggia)
E-N- Kenny Rogers - Children, Go Where I Send Thee Feat Home Free (Bethlehem Child)
Sara Storer - Buffalo Bill (Buffalo Bill, Rafel Corbi 2017)
Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band - Authority Song (Guts, Bruno Moggia)
Maren Morris - My Church (My Church, Rafel & Ariadna Corbí 2016)
Natalie Rose - Better Off Without You (For Two, Rafel Corbi 2016)

E - Ensenyat/Teach
R - Repassat/Recap
N - Nou/New

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