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Dilluns 11/12/2017 Palafrugell Rafel

Improver/Intermediate Line Dance
Els Ametllers
11 desembre 2017

Boots & Paul (Gabi Ibañez & Paqui Monroy)
Bridges To Your Heart (Kathy Brown)
Bring Down The House (Cornier & Henley)
Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle)
Chasing Down A Good Time (Dan Albro)
Gypsy Queen (Hazel Pace)
Lay Low (Darren Bailey)
Lonely Drum (Darren Mitchell)
Midlers Way (Adrian Churm)
This & That (Gary Lafferty)
Three Teachers (Capitan-Villellas-Sweet)
Your Loving Arms (Vikki Arms)
Speak With My Heart (Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs) Repassat/Recap
People Are Good (Gary O'Reilly) Repassat/Recap
Down On Your Uppers (Gary O'Reilly)
Locklin's Bar (Maggie Gallagher) Ensenyat/Teach
Blue Ain't Your Color (Verdonk & Belloque) Ensenyat/Teach
Take A Breather (Maggie Gallagher)
We Are The Same (Amato's, Robinson & Jo Thompson)


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