dilluns, 25 de setembre del 2017

Ballada al Convent de La Bisbal 2017-09-24

Ballada diumenge 24 de setembre de 2017
De 10.30 a 14.00

The Boat To Liverpool, Ross Brown
Tag On, David Vilellas
Country As Can Be, Suzanne Wilson
JR, Gabi Ibañez
Tell The World, Robbie McGowan-Hickie
Come Dance With Me, Jo Thompson
16 Bars, Edu Roldos & Lidia Calderero
Irish Stew, Lois Lightfoot
Cajun Dance, Neus Lloveras
Pitter Patter, Derek Robinson
This & That, Gary Lafferty
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell
Tennessee Waltz Surprize, Andy Chumbly
Happy Happy Happy, Ma Angeles Mateu
AB For Friends, Rafel Corbí
Toes, Rachael McEnaney
Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace
Three Teachers, Capitan-Villellas-Sweet
Eatin' Right And Drinkin' Bad, Max Perry
Breaking Horses, Mercè Orriols
Prodissy, Michelle Fowler & Sally Nugent
Bring Down The House, Cormier & Henley
P-3, Gabi Ibañez
Step By Love, David Villellas
Paddy's Choir, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Telepathy, Chris Hodgson
Hey Girl, Micaela Svensson
Skinny Genes, Pat & Lizzie Stott
Rose Garden, Jo Thompson
Rock Around The Clock, Unknown
Summer Saturday Night, Rafel Corbí
San Lucas, Rafel Corbí
Jamaican Run, Debi Bovden
Nancy Mullighan, Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Cheek to Cheek, Rob Fowler
The Cucaracha, Hank & Mary Dahl
Don't Ask, Gaye Teather
Texas Valley
Islands in the Stream, Karen Jones
Dig Your Heels, Madison Glover
Simply Mambo, Val Myers and Deana Randle
Mamma Maria, Frank Trace
Two By Two, Derek Robinson
Chill Factor, Daniel Whitakker
Cuz You, Jeffke Camps
The Long Way Home, Marie Sorensen
DHSS, Gaye Teather
Cumbia Semana, Ira Weisburd
Take Me To The River, Verdonk & Dahlgren
Rita's Waltz, Jo Thompson
Something In The Water, Niels Poulsen
Lay Low, Darren Bailey
Tour In Mexico, Adriano Castagnoli
My Maria, Mike Camara & Dan Albro
You Better Believe, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Canadian Boots, Mercè Orriols
Recreation Land, Teo Lattanzio
Woman Up, Rachael McEnaney & Amy Christian
Beautiful In My Eyes, Simon Ward

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