dilluns, 2 de juny del 2014

Setmana del 16 al 25 de maig de 2014

Recobrats del festival tornem a les classes.

Debutants i improvers a Campllong 16/05/2014
. Introduits 2 balls dels workshops: Showed Up Late i Give Me Love. Repassats 2 clàssics: 1000 Years i Mucara Walk. Repassat el The Boss, Shakin' Mix i Open Book. Ballats Amame un poquito, Coastin', Imelda's Way, Jamaican run, Live laugh love, P3, Precious Time, Quando When Quando, Rita's Waltz, The Cucaracha, The little rhumba, Toes, Two by two, Whole again i Irish Stew.

Classe intermedis dissabte Campllong 17/05/2014.
Ball nous: Give Me Love. Repàs: In my heart, One Thing, The Boss, The Mona Lisa. Ballats: Imelda's Way, High Cotton, Fly High, Cheek to Cheek i Dissapearing Taillights.

Palafrugell: classe debutants/improvers dilluns 19/05/2014. Noves coreos: Showed Up Late. Ensenyat: Coastin', Baby Bubbles. Ballats: Alamo Boom, Amame un Poquito, County Line Cha Cha, Cut the rug, Ding ding, P3, This & That

Palafrugell. Classe Improvers/Intermedis dimarts 20/05/2014.
Balls nous: Give me love, Fly High. Repassos: Bridges to my heart, Make this day, The Boss. Ballats: Blue night cha, Caballero, Cadillacs and caviars, Ding ding, Is it friday yet, Open book, P3, Speak to the sky, Stitch it up, Stroll along cha cha, We are the same, White rose, Whole again, Cut the rug.

Debutants i improvers a Campllong 23/05/2014. Coreos balladesBallats: 101, Amame Un Poquito, Baby Bubbles, Coastin',County Line Cha Cha, Cut A Rug, DHSS, Imelda's Way, Open Book, Rhumba & Roses, Stop Cryin', Stroll Along Cha Cha, Two Boys, Two By Two, 
RepassatsHey Cowboy, Shakin' Mix, Showed Up Late, Give Me Love, 
EnsenyatsCola Song, Mucara Walk, Population 4000

Classe intermedis dissabte Campllong 24/05/2014.
Coreos ballades: Bruises, Fly High, High Cotton, One Thing, The Boss, Amame
RepassadesGive Me Love, 
EnsenyadesIn My Heart, The Mona Lisa, Whiskey Instead Of Wine, Little Bit Of Everything

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