dijous, 30 de maig del 2013

Palafrugell Debutants 27-05-2013

Dilluns, 27 de maig de 2013
Jornada de repàs, després de fer festa dilluns passat

The Mavericks - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (The Cucaracha)
Van Morrison - Precious Time (Precious Time)
The Tractors - Thirty Days (Cowboy Charleston)
Blue Bombay - You're sixteen (Lindi Shuffle)
The Bellamy Brothers - Like She's Not Yours (The Little Rhumba)
Bluelagoon - Isle of Paradise (The Little Rhumba)
Go Cat Go - Please mama please (Go Cat Go)
Chris Anderson & DJ Robbie - Chill Factor (Last Night's Dance)
Tracy Lawrence - If the world had a front porch (Cowboy Boogie)
The Overtones - Come Back My Love (Chicken Walk Jive)
Richi E Poveri - Mamma Maria (Mamma Maria)
Randy Travis - An Old Pair of Shoes (Rhumba & Roses)
The Mavericks - All That Heaven Will Allow (Rhumba & Roses)
Mr President - Coco Jamboo (Rhumba & Roses)
Brady Seals - Country as a boy can be (Country As Can Be)
Fito Olivares - Fin De Semana (Cumbia Semana)
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Cooler Than Me)
Loco Loco - Bubble Gum Cowboy (Bubble Gum Cowboy)
Neal McCoy - They are playin' our song (Ducchess)
Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels - My Pretty Belinda (Pretty Belinda)

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